Prem Bhuller

What could be easier? I’m at work. I call them and book an appointment. They come round, and pick up the keys. I can then watch them  as they clean my car in the car park. I haven’t even got off my seat.

Bethany Florence

Every other Saturday, I have the confidence my car will get cleaned on my drive, in between all the other jobs I need to get done. Saturday, is the only day I don’t drive, and I don’t want to.

Jason Roberts

I have a fleet of party buses, minibuses and a couple of limousines. In my line of business, it is very important that my presentation standards are very high. On the way to a job, my vehicles can get dirty. I have been with these guys for a couple of years now. They take a lot of pressure off me, so thank you Paul.

Graham Stannard

I’ve been a keen collector of classic cars for 13 years now. I trust these guys. They take their time, and they are very careful. I also get the detailing from them every couple of years or so.